With Monimove, investors can invest with confidence locally or internationally and support SMEs.


Nothing benefits our society more than effective business, especially one that engages in bold new projects where all the players in the process are dealt with effectively and efficiently. With Monimove, trust is increased, all parties will be contented, and everybody wins.


A new generation of a business relationship

Monimove offers a solution that prevents fund owners from operational risk syndromes and protects supplier payments. It reassures customers that projects will meet the standards they are expecting in due time. Monimove automates the complete process with payment in a credible methodology that reduces human mishandling.

  • Governments, Investors, Real Estate developer will all be protected from contractor mismanagement by improving visibility and control over their projects, enabling them to manage, cost, payment, and time effectively;
  • Venture capitalists will have a better assessment of potential clients, with greater transparency and very low risk, allowing them to support more candidates;
  • Government, International Organization and Corporate aid, loans and donations will be utilized for the intended project without unauthorized deviation or loss
  • Charities, NGOs and Universities will have the assurance that they will receive the quantity of the goods and quality of materials or services that they have commissioned, building their reputation, leading to increased donations.