Frequently Asked Questions

Monimove FAQ


All customers can track orders easily using the Monimove app. Once delivery is received, the customer’s bank will pay the supplier’s bank directly, removing the need for manual authorisations.


Suppliers benefit from reduced invoice payment times, can have better cash flow control, and the risk of payment delays is eradicated if delivery was successful.


By providing credibility to business financial relationships, the risk is reduced, trust is increased and SMEs with the rest of society will benefit from a more sustainable development leading to improved prosperity.

How can Monimove help me?

Monimove is designed for customers to manage end to end project workflow. Customers can use the platform according to available credit secured from a bank, the services available online and the platform virtual credit account can be filled from any bank. You don’t have to have a loan to use Monimove, you may use it with your own finance to increase security and reduce risk.

How does Monimove benefit society?

The Monimove platform offers growth opportunities and enhanced levels of trust for all of society. When Government and Business developments are progressing safely and securely, SMEs are supported and suppliers get paid, the local economy will benefit, and society will be the eventual winner.

How does the platform work ?

Our cloud-based platform allows a customer to safely and securely join online; our customers create a full subscription with a virtual credit account number, register all their organization information, invite staff with different authorization levels, and set the borders and credit limit to every project separately with the full freedom of control.
Customers can select and invite contractors and suppliers to join them on the platform with their staff performing the same current work but via the platform, which allows them to handle the entire process from request until delivery, commercial invoice, and payment to the supplier.
Monimove coordinates the payment between the customer bank and supplier bank through bank and credit card companies integrated into the Monimove platform.

What are the supplier payment terms?

With Monimove, suppliers can be confident that their payment will be secured as agreed with the customer after successful delivery, and once the client has confirmed the goods or services are as expected, payment will be made. Monimove protects suppliers from some customers staff abusing through the platform features.

Does the platform introduce new financing products?

Yes, Monimove will facilitate to:
1. Individuals building and contracting houses
2. Any online car purchases via the bank
3. Insurance coverage utilisation

How Monimove handles technical support globally?

Monimove has Global Service Partner (GSP) who will facilitate all services to the Country Partner (CP). The CP will be in charge of the platforms’ local hosting, implementation, integration and technical support.

Who can be a Country Partner?

Any FinTech company that has knowledge and experience in the industry, or has a PR profession. It is a requirement to adhere to Monimoves full operating strategy.

Is the platform easy to use?

We have designed our platform to be as user friendly as possible. Users will benefit from complete onboarding documents and manuals with visual descriptions and step-by-step guides. We also have a local help desk, that will guide all users queries, Customer queries may be limited to group familiarisation.

What are customer’s options for hosting the platform?

The platform can operate from Amazon cloud, or via a selection of cloud services, and the platform integrates with banks through a credit card company. The platform can also be on-premise when necessary.

Do suppliers negotiate business contract terms with customers?

Suppliers can negotiations all business details via the platform in a systematic authenticated, block chained process that provides full transparency with credibility on both parties.

How are suppliers added to the platform?

Suppliers receive an email invitation from the customer with platform login details.

Is personal data secure on the Monimove platform?

All data is encrypted – Monimove has no access to it – only the customer can access the data. Monimove can provide this level of security via the implementation of the latest security ISOs.

How Monimove is distributed globally?

The platform will be available in every Country via a Monimove Country Partner (CP).

What is the price & operating cost of the platform?

We offer the platform to our Customers FREE with full technical and service support.

Who can use the platform?

All Customer segments mentioned on the website. Including their staff, contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers.

Does the platform require Monetary approvals?

No, as the platform is not involved in the payments handled exclusively by the banks

Interested in becoming a Country Partner?

Please contact us by email to enquire for further details on how to become a Country Partner.