The Platform

Our blockchain, smart contract solution provides the maximum possible prevention of fraud, late payment and unresolvable disputes

Experience the Monimove platform

Platforms key benefits

The platform enables customers to validate any credit, contract, loan, and donation utilisation against their project or expense plans.
Supplier may upload any documents and track all delivery processes and payments in
real – time.
Our advanced dashboard will help you actively monitor your entire supply chain.
You can invite nominated staff with varying authorisation levels, including contractors, sub contractors and suppliers.
Receive live supplier delivery progress updates. The system generates a commercial invoice and restricts the buyer to invite the supplier from a preset category.
The Monimove system even protects shareholders from middle and small levels of corruption.

Monimoves reporting capabilities render deep insight, allowing customers to make more informed decisions while mitigating risk.

Customers can interface our platform with their existing ERP systems to enhance the whole supply chain utilisation process.

Over time the customer will develop a comprehensive database of suppliers, materials, service and logistics prices and specifications.

Supplier delivery is only authenticated when a preset GPS location is received using Google maps integration. The supplier can upload photos as well as live and recorded video streams to confirm delivery.

Value for our customers

  • Our platform is free of charge
  • Reduce operational risk, cost and time
  • Fully digitised trading documentation
  • We will always connect with our customers via a Country Partner or online in our secure cloud
  • We are associated with one of the top 5 technical leading companies to be our Global technical partner

Value for suppliers

  • Payment assurance following a successful delivery
  • Reduce operational cost and risk
  • Electronic delivery tracking and assurance
  • Eliminate Letters of Credit and associated discrepancy costs
  • Blockchain authenticated documents to prove supplier rights
  • Eliminate payment delay after successful delivery

We have chosen to engage with the most trusted top innovative tech companies to provide a service that is unparalleled within the industry


The Monimove platform was developed in conjunction with Deloitte

Digital Technology

Built on an OutSystems and is completely optimised for mobile and web


We integrate fully with various Cloud Services, as well as offering the option to have Monimove on premises


Top security threats identified by OWASP. It is certified for ISO 27001, ISO 22301 and also SOC2 Type II

Data Access

All client and suppliers data is encrypted and is only accessible by verified parties


Possible integration with APIs


Constant platform maintenance is guaranteed by OutSystems and the highly skilled Monimove technical team

User Support

24/7 multi-language help-desk with trained and highly skilled professionals

Our network of most trusted companies


Interested in becoming a Country Partner?

Please contact us by email to enquire for further details on how to become a Country Partner.