What we do

We provide the next generation of credit, contract, loan, and donation spending systems, creating better Global business opportunities for everyone

What is

Credibility and transparency together with Monimove’s secret ingredient, generate prevention for all users against unforeseen dangers, fake document, traps, and even human mistakes. The platform protects the Supplier from any payment delay and the Buyer from delivery misconduct.

While Monimove has automated the process, we have kept in our consideration human behaviours that occur when handling the credit or contract operational and financial utilisations.

The platform will reduce disputes that result in Court cases, banks or VCs bad debt, and encourages local and foreign investment.

Monimove supports business and financial growth so that the Public, Private and Banking Sectors can benefit from the platform for all procurement, construction, lending, donating and investing within a secure End-to-End, data encrypted supply chain financing platform.

Welcome to a new generation of business relationships

Monimove offers a solution that prevents fund owners from operational risk syndromes and protects the supplier through the complete payment process. Our Platform processes reassure customers that projects will follow the planned governance and timescales. Monimove automates the complete utilisation process in a credible methodology and all payments are made direct between Banks.

Government, Banks, Venture Capitalist, Angel Investor, Crowd Fund benefits:

These Industries all want to increase their business portfolios, especially with SMEs. However, with bad debt caused by operational risk, these industries often increase the loan requirements and collateral, which in turn reduces the number of illegible borrowers.

The Monimove platform is an effective assessment tool to empower you to make more informed decisions when extending credit. Loan applicants with ulterior motives are easily exposed and filtered out during the application process, making it easier to identify legitimate loan applicants.

Approved applicants will be delighted with the many benefits of the platform, with tools for reporting, analyses, alert, and full archive features, all at no cost.

Corporate, Insurance, Real Estate Developer, Construction Contractor benefits:

In cases where the operation and payment process involves more than one buyer and one supplier, the supply chain requires an End-to-End synchronisation solution, ensuring that all trading cycles, authentications and validated documentation are compiled in one central location.

All users are accountable, protecting the supply chain from any intentional or unintentional misconduct.

All corporate procurements, insurance coverage payments and real estate developer relations in conjunction with the main construction contractor and sub contractors, are assured that no payment will be released from the buyers’ bank account without confirmed deliverables.


To increase the amount of donations, you need transparency on spend, so that donors are comfortable in continuing their charitable donations. To ensure the right deliverables at the right time, you need an electronic solution to prevent losses of the donor fund.

To have a charity organisation, it is necessary to comply with local monetary regulations and to never pay or contract illegal companies and/or individuals. It is essential to have fully secured documentation regarding the utilisation of the donor fund.

Monimove offers the platform to all charity organisations or any Government bodies to aid them in organising and tracking charity spending channels, avoiding any abuse of the charity fund.

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