Monimove is completely changing the way people think about credit utilisation. 


As well as Monimove customers benefitting from this revolutionary system, their suppliers and society as a whole benefits from the increased trust and accountability inherent in the Monimove platform.

Monimove is empowering business to approach credit and fund utilization differently, to open substantial new opportunities for all, and to support society as part of the company’s social responsibility.

Monimove operates globally, with offices in London, Dubai, and Delaware. We have a truly global outlook in terms of business and society.

Why Monimove?

Issue credit with confidence

The easy-to-use platform enables customers to validate a credit, contract, loan, and donation utilization against their project or expense plans. Its reporting capabilities render deep insight, allowing customers to make more informed decisions while mitigating risk. The Monimove system even protects customers from unforeseen internal issues, reducing risk and increasing accountability.

Growing investment

Monimove enables Investors to increase their volume of business and grow their client base – allowing them to invest locally and internationally, even with SMEs. Customers can enter their project, contract, a loan, or donation details directly into the platform, reducing the manual workload, automating the cash management process like never before.

End to End

The platform gives customers, at a glance, live progress including delivery tracking, utilization category control, supplier’s communication, and generates a Monimove commercial invoice package for the customer along with supplier invoice. The customer gains deeper insights over time by accessing data drawn from previous projects helping them to make more informed decisions for future business.

Constant reassurance

Monimove provides customers with the reassurance that materials, services, and handling committed to a project are fulfilled on time and as promised. Monimove removes unreliable parts of the process, reducing the operational risk element and increasing efficiency and commitment..


The platform has integrated steps for suppliers to upload documents and customers to electronically authenticate the delivery of goods or services received. Banks are independent of this process until payment is required. Monimove’s level of transparency also offers the customer appropriate intervention points in the project to review how credit is being utilized.

A new way to help the economy

The Monimove platform features comprehensive support and allows customers full freedom to set the level of control they exercise over fund utilization. No matter how you adjust the level of control per project, the results will reflect positively on the local economy without any new regulations that may slow the local development.


Monimove was born out of a frustration with the financial products on offer. We offer trust and accountability and compassion at our core.

We are an ethics first corporation striving to design products that make the world a better place.


    The philosophy of Monimove is compassionate commerce.

    No matter where you are, you will be affected by the corporate world, be it through the items you consume, place you work or an organisation you depend on for support and supply.

    Our philosophy is that we are human and that we need trust to work effectively. Our products are designed around enabling the finance of business to be efficient, accountable and transparent.


    We believe that all businesses today should have compassionate commerce at the heart of their organisation. From the way you motivate your staff, to how you retain your customers. We believe that to be truly successful and effective, you have to measure yourself on more than just profit.


    How we give back

    • CSR Program
    • Devoted to charity support and practical consultancy
    • Products are fully supported, easy to learn, use and teach to anyone, in any market