Who we are

Monimove is completely changing the way people think about credit utilisation

The future of corporate supply chain financing

Our brand name Monimove is derived from how we monitor the movement of money in the full supply chain documentation process, authentication and all of the credit utilisation cycles after fund and contract approval. Monimove currently has offices in London, New York and Dubai and Country Partners in KSA, UAE and Egypt. We also have an ambitious pipeline and plan to expand in the Asia Pacific and beyond.
Monimove aims to increase reliability in business and financial environments, helping national economies to grow by mitigating the operational risk – which will result in increased investment.
One of our top priorities is to support local SMEs.
We treat every local economy like our own. We are deploying a FREE service that provides tangible benefits on a Country-level.

The bespoke business value Monimove provides

Issue credit and contracts with confidence

The easy to use platform offers the Customer and the Bank full transparency at all stages of the credit contract fund utilisation and issuing process. The Monimove system protects customers from unforeseen issues and unauthorised actions thereby greatly reducing risk with increased accountability.

Growing investment

Monimove enables Investors to increase their volume of business and grow their customer base – allowing them to invest locally and internationally,
in all business industries

Live progress at a glance

Our customers have full transparency of every action taken throughout the whole lifecycle of the process. From delivery tracking to supplier commercial invoice, the customer gains deeper insights over time by accessing data drawn from previous projects to make more informed decisions for future business.

Constant reassurance

Monimove provides customers with the reassurance that materials, services, and logistics committed to a project are fulfilled on time and as agreed. Monimove removes unreliable elements of the process, reducing the operational risk and increasing efficiency and commitment.


Transaction authentication and clarity

The platform has integrated steps that permit suppliers to upload documents and for customers to electronically authenticate, Monimove’s level of transparency also highlights the appropriate intervention points in the project to review how credit is being utilised.

A new way to help the economy

The comprehensively supported Monimove platform provides its customer base full freedom to set your preferred level of control over fund utilisation. No matter how the level of control per project is adjusted, the results will reflect positively on the local economy without any new regulations that may slow the local development.

Our core values

Monimove was born out of a frustration with the financial solutions within the digital procurements, supply chain and trade finance. We offer trust and accountability and compassion at our core.


We are an ethics first company striving to design products that make the world a better place.

Our business philosophy

Monimove believes in compassionate commerce.

No matter where you are, you will be affected by the corporate world, be it through the items you consume, place you work or an organisation you depend on for support and supply.

Our philosophy is that we are human and that we need trust to work effectively. Our products are designed around enabling the finance of business to be efficient, accountable, risk free and transparent.

Our Social Responsibility Program

We believe that all businesses today should have compassionate commerce at the heart of their organisation. From the way we motivate our staff, too how we retain our customers, we believe that to be truly successful and effective, we have to measure ourselves on more than just profit.

How we give back
  • We have a prospective SRP (Social Responsibility Program) in progress.
  • We are devoted to supporting local in-country economies, SMEs and medical aid.
  • By reducing the business and financial risk, we are contributing to increasing society's profitability and helping to reduce poverty.

Interested in becoming a Country Partner?

Please contact us by email to enquire for further details on how to become a Country Partner.